Crazy Moon Consulting

The Crazy Moon Team wants to help you turn your vision and goals for your company or organization into an actionable plan – and make it happen!

Crazy Moon?  It was once believed the moon influenced the way people behaved, that the moon could make them think differently, act differently and step out of character.  That’s what we do at Crazy Moon Consulting.  We get you to think differently – creatively – so you get better results and achieve your goals.

The Crazy Moon Team
The partners in Crazy Moon are stellar professionals, each with many years of experience that have equipped them with an impressive range of knowledge, skills and talents.

CHARLIECharlie Born, Marketing

A member of Chief Outsiders, Charlie helps growth and mid-sized companies ($10M – $200M+) grow by providing his executive marketing experience on a fractional or part-time basis.  He works with the CEO of client companies, as part of that company’s leadership team, reestablishing or accelerating growth through strategic planning, identifying consumer and market insights, developing effective and disciplined marketing plans, and then execution and measurement of results. Charlie is a results-oriented marketing and business executive in growing technology start-ups, in turning around a stagnating business, and in opening new markets to expand Fortune 1000 businesses. Adept at blending strategic vision and pragmatic solutions to deliver measurable results and provide oversight of marketing strategy and implementation of growth plans. The Chief Outsiders business model includes a “peer review” process which means a  client’s growth strategies are reviewed and enhanced by an entire team of experienced and skilled executive marketers. Check out Charlie’s Chief Outsiders Blog – contact Charlie at  – and get more information about Chief Outsiders and working with Charlie or another member of the Chief Outsiders team of marketers at

KEVINKevin Dincher,  Organization Development

Kevin brings a unique and impressive constellation of knowledge, skills and experience to organization development consulting, professional development coaching and adult education.  His 30 years of experience includes not only OD consulting but also work in education,  counseling psychology and crisis management, program and operations management, and human resources. With his diverse background, Kevin approaches organization development with an holistic approach – with solutions that are not only pragmatic, strategic and results-driven but systemic and people-focused as well.   Kevin uses his skills to assist organizations in multiple arenas.  He has worked with global companies like Cisco, Novellus, Sun Microsystems and Gilead Sciences – as well as with small, family-owned companies in construction, wholesale food and technology industries.  He also has experience in working with not-for-profit agencies and educational organizations.  Kevin continues to enjoy teaching – and you can see some of his work in lifelong education at Contact Kevin at

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